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  • Yoga in the American Heartland

    I never thought of Iowa Powered Yoga as a business. I didn’t have a business plan, funding, or employees. All I had was an idea and passion of creating a movement that is so enthusiastic that it can’t help but effect your day and others around you.
  • Be Open to the Mystery

    When I began to delve into yoga more seriously, I thought I had discovered yoga and that I was in charge of my development. Now, I am much more humble: instead of feeling that I was the one who discovered yoga, I feel blessed to have been found by yoga.
  • Yoga Rocking in the Midwest

    Iowa City was once described to me as a Midwest oasis. Our city is a magical mix up of local foodies, university students, beautiful families, bike-riding yogis, fanatical college football fans and transplants from every walk of life. And the yoga scene is simply exploding.
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